How To Delete All Direct Messages in Twitter


Whether you are using any automation tool to promote your Twitter account or to connect with other people related to your niche, sometimes you get stuck with loads of messages in your Twitter inbox and taking the time deleting them one by one can be really annoying, since Twitter still hasn't add the ability to Empty All your Inbox messages, so I found a free service ( there is a paid option also) which can do the job for you quite nicely - it's called SocialOomph and it's quite simple to be set up. Simply register account with it, confirm your email address and add your twitter account to your Social Accounts Tab. Simply Look for Add Twitter Account and follow the Process - it's quite … [Read more...]

Authority Site Project X Started: Post Number 2 – Keyword Selection


Here we go again, but I think this time it has to be done correctly. I will skip the part with purchasing Domain and Setting up Hosting, since I have already revealed big part of it in a past article - More Info Here. And now the important stuff - Choosing your Topic / Niche and selecting the right keywords to focus and build a valuable blog, which will provide visitors just what they need, which is - Ask Question ? = Give them a good Answer and they are most likely to come back, follow you or Subscribe to your newsletter, which is what I will focus in the very beginning. Back to what I want to discus and the tools I will use. I will declare it, so that everyone want to be aware of - The … [Read more...]

Authority Site Project X Started: Post Number 1 – Preparation

Authority Site Project X

Well, after I signed up as part of the 30 Day Challenge presented by Kristjan from, I haven't put a lot of effort, since the niche I choose wasn't really my best choice, speaking of desire and passion and I put this site in Pending Mode for now. Most of you have heard about Spencer Haws, Mike Thomas and Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti which had impressive success building mini niche sites and monetizing them in most part through Google Adsense program. I was really thinking in getting into such kind of Passive Income, but I rethink that all those sites require some tremendous amount of work, energy and composure in getting most of them making money, which require some good … [Read more...]

What Is Guest Blogging And How To Guest Post On a Blog


Well, it is actually the secret weapon of many Bloggers, who knows that a backlink from a good authority site with lots of traffic and demand will automatically give also traffic to your blog along with PR boost and then good rankings in Search Engines. Since my blog is related to Internet Marketing tips, I will give you 2 solid examples before we jump into the actual process, 2 examples of respectable blogs which accept guest posts and also do guest blogging on other peoples' websites relevant to the niche they are also writing for. Everybody knows already Pat Flynn and his blog - if by chance you are hearing it for the first time, well I highly recommend you go … [Read more...]

What is SEO Quake and How it Can Analyse Competition for Free


Let's first give a defition what is SEO? - SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is devided as On-Page and Off-Page for the wide audience. But How this Free Plugin can help you with your analysis? (First Head over to the Download Page and Install it - Only for Firefox Browser) - Well, very easy, it has many built in Preferences which gives pretty good link building and On Page competition research. You can simply search a keyword term in Google and it will display beneath every result the data which you have specified in the Preferences tab. As you can see on the screenshots, it can really give you a whole lot of useful information such as Google pagerank, SEMrush links, … [Read more...]

Domain Hosting – Set Up And Configure


How To Set Up Domain Hosting For Your Mini Authority Niche Site I was trying to update on regular basis, but I had some busy week so far. Nevermind Domain and Hosting was bough on 17th July, already Set Up and Going. I am using GoDaddy for all my domains and Hostgator as Hosting provider. I've heard a lot or rumors and negative feedback on Hostgator Service, but it has been almost an year since I jumped and started learning Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Site Creation etc. - you know what everybody has been through when was setting up his first Website and uploading his first WP Theme, so I have to say that they have 24/7 Support and they handle every issue until it is solved, so I will … [Read more...]

SEO Keyword Research


How I Do My SEO Keyword Research For The 30 Day Niche Site Challenge I spent 4 days humbling around and choosing a specific theme for my blog and I think I finally picked one, so that was the main reason why I am а little bit lag in my progress for the 30 Day Niche Site Challenge. Well let's see what I have done so far. First thing first - I am not the Best Guru on the planet , but I managed to create my own unique way for making my Keywords Research in the last couple of months, which involves a couple of paid tools, but the Screenshots further down this post will speak for themselves. The Niche I found is actually Amazon related and the first thing I always to is to open Azon Top 100 … [Read more...]